Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography brings photos into your home, workplace or wherever you enjoy spending your time! 

Are you tired of the same old posed photos?  Over the fake backdrops?   Want something different that is even more personal and special to you and your family?

What is it that makes you or your family unique?  What tells your story?  What do you want to remember about this time in your life?   Capturing these images will bring you more joy and tell your story far better than a posed picture ever can....


At the holidays you can capture the family trimming the tree, backing cookies or wrapping packages.  It's a great way to get photos of grandma and the kids doing something they love together.  

Ideas could include:  A ballerina.  An architect.  Practicing the Piano.   A chef preparing his cuisine.    School Projects.  The Kids Play House.  Want to include the Dog that you can't typically take out in public?  Or your cat (remind me to take Benadryl!)

Call us today to discuss your goals and get more information & pricing on this unique lifestyle photography service.



These sessions may require lighting and assistant.  Therefore they may take additional preparation time.    Call to discuss your goals and customizations!



You love them or the session fee is on us*







*Upon reviewing your copyright proofs, if you don't love the images, we'll refund your deposit and you'll have no access to download or print images.